• charris


    I am guessing the above is for access using port forwarding. If VPN has been set up then the above is not needed?

    • admin

      True, you can VPN to the site then connect from Winbox that way… but Winbox is quick and easy when set up this way. Save your sites, double-click them and within 5 seconds you know if you still have access or not.

      • Brian

        Sir, I’ve followed your instructions above but unfortunately every time I would put in my static IP in the browser, “The webpage is not available”. I simply can’t access my Mik winbox if I’m out of my local network.

        What should I type in my browser after following your instructions to access my winbox? example please. Thanks

        • admin

          Ahh, well if you’re entering it in a browser, then you’re trying to access the webgui on port 80. The instructions here are to use winbox.exe from the Internet. That uses port 8291, and by default you cannot access port 80 from the WAN. You would have to add an ‘input’ rule for port 80 to reach the webgui.

          • Brian

            Can you please help me how to do loadbalancing on my mikrotik RB450 w/ 2 different static IP provided by 2 different ISP? Thank you very much and more power…

  • AB

    Sir i’ve installed dynamic dns on my network, but winbox yet cant open it showing the error=couldn’t connect to response!
    Can yu please tell whats the problem or any port problem??Thanks

    • admin

      Are you sure the firewall rule for port 8291 is ABOVE the ‘drop’ rule in the list?

  • Keithy

    Any thoughts on how ‘safe’ opening port 8291 to the world is (brute force etc)??

    P.S. Great website – very useful – keep up the good work

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Well it’s as “safe” as opening up any other port… someone would either need good credentials or to brute force their way in.

      I believe there’s a way to set up the firewall to limit the number of incoming attempts, but haven’t done any research on it in a while. I need to look into that again.

  • Brent Kuchvalek

    Let’s be clear, insure you insert the rule above any “drop” rule. Starting and the top and moving the rule down may be the simplest way to test.

  • AA

    Please I need step by step how to log in to my Mikrotik router remotely

    • admin

      If you add a firewall input rule for port 8291 on your WAN port, and drag it above any drop rules, you should be able to connect with winbox.

  • Or over ssh, type:

    ip firewall filter add chain=input protocol=tcp dst-port=8291 action=accept comment=”Allow Winbox”