Sometimes you REALLY jack up your network and you can’t reach your router at its IP address.  Or maybe the last thing you did before you got kicked out was you accidentally deleted all the IP addresses from the router.  Oops.

Never fear.  You can enter a MAC address into WinBox instead of an IP address.  Grab a MAC address from the sticker on the bottom of the Mikrotik and you will most likely still be able to reach it.  Note the top bar in the screenshot below.


Even better, some models like the RB450G have a serial port on them.  Plug directly in and put your Terminal skills to the test.

  • Springs

    Keep it simple…

    Connect a ethernet cable directly to the RouterBoard.
    Open Winbox
    Look for the 3 dots.
    Click on the 3 dots and see if the MAC and IP populate.
    If they do… click the MAC and FIX IT.
    Check out Safe Mode while you are at it.

    Sometimes you may need to set your IP to a Static Address. If the above doesn’t work. Set your IP on your computer to Static… then try above.

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