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Ever noticed how when you ping a device, it only does it 4 times then stops?  Not very helpful if you’re looking for an intermittent connection problem or want to see exactly when a device drops offline or comes back online.

On Windows:

Instead of:



ping -t

Now you can watch the ping “time” change over a period of however long you feel like watching it.  Hit Control-C to stop it.

On a Mac:

Oh wait, Macs already ping forever by default.  :)

  • Joel

    [quote]Oh wait, Macs already ping forever by default.[/quote]
    This is true of Linux too and almost all other *nix OS.

    • admin

      Yup. As I was typing this up and finishing the Windows part, I literally thought “Oh wait, Macs already ping forever by default.”

  • Springs

    RouterOS too!!! :)

  • Andy

    If a server is down, OSX only seems to send 4 packets. Adding -o will cause ping to quit once one packet comes back successfully. It will send forever for a server that’s down.

    Use -o in conjunction with -a (audible) and ping will beep at you once a server comes back online.

    • admin

      Very cool tip, I will have to check that out. Thx!