Setting the default IP Pool to

The default DHCP subnet on an RB750GL, RB450G, etc is  This is simple to change.

There are three things that have to be done.

1 – Change the IP Pool that the DHCP server uses.
2 – Change the Network that the DHCP server uses.
3 – Assign an IP to the interface that is running the DHCP server.
4* – Change the static DNS entry for ‘router’ to match the IP in step #3

It’s a good idea to connect to your router via the MAC address when doing this, by the way…

First step is to change the DHCP “pool”.  This is the range of addresses that the DHCP server will had out.  Go to IP, then Pool.  Change the default Pool to whatever you want.  Here I made it

Next is to change the DHCP Network.  This is the ‘information’ that the DHCP server pushes out to devices.  Ever notice how a device ‘knows’ what the Gateway address and DNS server address is?  This is where you fill it in on a Mikrotik.

Lastly you need to assign the correct IP address to the interface that is using the DHCP server.  In other words… by default, ether2 is the interace that runs your LAN’s DHCP server.  That interface, by default, has an IP address off  If you change the subnet you’re using, you’ll want to change this address as well.

(just pretend the Interface in this pic is ether2…)

Now you’ve got your LAN port set up as  (optional step, but good practice – go to IP / DNS, click on Static and there is an entry for ‘router’ as  Change this IP to or whatever you used.  Then, if your computer is using the Mikrotik as DNS server, you can go to http://router and it will take you to the router’s webgui (webfig….eww….))
Your default DHCP server is now handing out addresses in the range of
Your DHCP devices will now receive the information that their network is, their Gateway is, and their DNS server is

Last updated: November 25, 2012 at 10:33 am