• hanicken

    doesn’t work as uplink,
    only works if you ant to use as a main AP

    • Cesar

      Exactly, if you turn off the controller the wifi radio turn off too.

  • admin

    If you turn the controller off, the radios do not turn off. You can remove the controller altogether and it will run just fine as long as you don’t use a guest network/hotspot. If you’re just setting up a basic network you do not need the controller running.
    Not sure if that is true with wireless uplink or not, haven’t been able to test it yet.

  • Henrik Perreault

    I’ve been able to revert from Unifi to AirOS.

    • admin

      How did you do that? I have one I’d like to change back to AirOS.

      • Looks like the post on UBNT was updated 2 weeks ago and includes the procedure to roll it back to AirOS: http://bit.ly/157jYZQ

        • admin

          Beautiful! I have one I need to revert back to being ‘just a Picostation.’

          Thanks for the link!

  • greg block

    My family’s home has a Unifi 2.3.9. How do I check what sites have been visited ? I am really pathetic when it comes the technical side of this stuff, so if someone can explain it to me in simple terms I would be very grateful.


  • lutfiyadi

    Steps back to airOS the link can’t open,,

    how to do?

  • Penwell

    would it be possible if i have a cloud server running the unifi controller to ssh into the pickostation or use the discovery tool to point it to the cloud server like ive done with the UAP

    • admin

      Yes there are a lot of people who run Unifi server on Amazon Web Servers, search for Unifi on AWS, you’ll find quite a few walkthroughs. I set it up once months ago but haven’t been using it and have forgotten the steps.