• Springs


    On step 3.
    Change that to “Change the start address to”

    What this does, is makes it really easy to know what happened when someone calls for help.
    Whats your IP address?


    Someone reset the router and either took out the mikrotik or is connected to the FIOS wireless. Just cuts down on trouble shooting.

    ABSOLUTELY set up remote admin on the FIOS ROUTER!
    Fios Router
    Remote Administration
    Check Using Primary HTTPS Port (443)

    This will let you log into the fios router from outside the network.

    If you are trouble shooting… start from the base and work your way up.

    After you are done with that..
    Configuration File
    Save Configuration File

    Now put that *.cfg file in some client specific place.
    When someone presses reset on the router.. this will restore it to where you were without all the retyping.

  • Cams

    Would this kinda be the same concept when using a Comcast business modem\router as well?

    • admin

      Yes, except you can’t set a static DHCP reservation in the Comcast business router (SMC in our area). You have to give the mikrotik a static IP outside of the Comcast’s DHCP range, then set that as the DMZ Host. Oh, and no remote admin on those routers either…. at least nothing that’s available to end users.

  • scott
    • admin

      Thx for the link! I only ever tried this at one site and I couldn’t get it to work and have been doing it with a DMZ ever since (with no issues that I know of yet)