Here is a quick list of terminal commands I find myself using over and over with Control4.

top – Shows the top processes running on the device.  Also shows the load average of the processor and the amount of memory usage.  This runs in real time until you exit out of it by hitting Ctrl-C.

reboot – Reboots the device.  All services will shut down cleanly and the entire device will restart.

killall director – Restarts Director.  This is a quick way to restart ONLY Director without restarting the entire controller.  The system will finish whatever it’s doing, then cleanly restart the Director service.  If you were to add a -9 to that command, it will instantly STOP Director in the middle of whatever it’s doing, then restart it.  It’s similar to yanking the power cord on a computer – not recommended unless you are really stuck.

sysman status – Gives you a list of every service running on the device (navigator, zserver, etc) along with an enabled or disabled status.

sysman service enable/disable – Enables or Disables one service.  For example, to restart zserver without restarting Director or rebooting the entire controller, you would enter sysman zserver2 disable, then sysman zserver2 enable.

ping xx.xx.xx.xx – Lets you test connectivity to any device on the network, just as you would from a computer.

There are probably hundreds of other commands to use, as these devices all run on a Linux base, but I find myself using these few over and over.  I can connect to a controller via SSH and run top way faster than I can open Composer, connect, open Detective Suite, wait for it to load, etc…

  • BGM

    Is there a command to initiate a factory reset for an HC-500?