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  • Dan


    I just found your tutorial on setting up multiple subnets extremely helpful. I never expected I would find a tutorial for exactly what I was trying to do. Currently, I work at a boarding school in Africa and luckily was able to get a hold of a 750 GL which I think will prove to be very useful for us here. As of now I’ve set up a separate subnet for our “student” network in which I would like to restrict access to the internet from 10:45 at night until 6 in the morning. I know you can do this using firewall rules but have not found an easy straight forward tutorial on how to do so. I also would love to block https facebook at certain time as well but that is not as necessary as learning how to shut off the internet at certain times is more important at the moment. Any help with this would be extremely appreciated. Thanks so much.


  • Wynand Burger


    How do I forward all incoming traffic to my firewall?

    My Cisco firewall is not allowing me to create a PPPOE interface so now I set up my Mikrotik Routerboard 750 and I have internet access when plugged into the Mikrotik which is on IP (

    Now I would like to forward all traffic to eth2 which is going to my cisco firewall (

    Kind Regards
    Wynand Burger

    • admin

      I can’t say I’ve tried this, but it sounds like you want to put the Cisco firewall in the DMZ of your Mikrotik. I would check out this page, but be mindful of leaving the Mikrotik wide open to the WAN. Not saying that would happen, I would just double check everything once you get it up and running. http://www.mikrotik.com/testdocs/ros/2.8/appex/dmz.php