Mikrotik – port forwarding example

Down and dirty version.  The command line version is below the Winbox instructions. Let’s say you have a DVR that has a static IP of and you need to forward port 7000 so that a customer’s iPhone app can connect to it remotely. In Winbox: Go to IP / Firewall / NAT Click the […]

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Screenshot 11:3:12 8:54 PM

MAC address prefix = Manufacturer

Did you know that the first six characters of a MAC address will tell you the manufacturer of the device?  (or at least who made the network interface) Example:  The MAC address of my Control4 HC-300 is 00:0F:FF:13:06:4E. Go to this website and enter 00:0F:FF and see what it tells you.   This isn’t foolproof…. […]

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Navigating Terminal and WinBox

What am I supposed to do with CODE? Command Line scares a lot of people.  It shouldn’t.  Most instructions for MikroTik are posted online in a format similar to this: /ip dns set allow-remote-requests=yes cache-max-ttl=1w cache-size=2048KiB \ max-udp-packet-size=512 servers=, /ip dns static add address= disabled=no name=router ttl=1d add address= disabled=no name=vortexbox ttl=1d What you’re seeing […]

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